NSU Academic Advising - College of Liberal Arts

Danielle Smith, Academic Advisor
All Students
Office Location: BALA 272
Broken Arrow Campus

Please select the appointment type below to allow an appropriate amount of time for your needs, 1 hour preferred. 30-minute appointments should be reserved for quick questions or follow-ups to full appointments.

If you are not currently attending NSU and are considered a Prospective Student, please go to FinishAtNSU.youcanbook.me to book your Pre-Advisement appointment. (prospective students only)

1 Hour Appointment

Academic Coaching Session
Degree Planning / Degree Audit Review
Major / Minor Declaration or Change
Senior / Graduation Check

(1 hour)

30-Minute Appointment

Enrollment (add / drop classes)
General Advising / Student Success Questions

(30 minutes)